What Players and Students Are Saying…

“Coach Scott quickly assessed not only my tennis skills but also my playing style and tailored the drills and lessons to me. He’s improved both my strokes and my mental game as well. The fact that he’s not only coaching but is still competing means his game is evolving, and he brings that to our lessons.”

Mindy D.

“I wish I had met Coach Scott earlier in my tennis career! His positive coaching style and deep tennis expertise has transformed my game from a 70’s era stroke technique to today’s modern playing style of topspin, jump serves, and volleying. Beyond the fundamentals, Coach Scott has taught me smart match strategies that I’ve been able to successfully execute in my club and league matches. Bottom line: Coach Scott makes tennis fun!”

Kathleen W.

My children ages 10 and 13, who are beginners, have been taking lessons from Coach Scott for a few months now.  What I appreciate with Coach Scott is that he is constantly providing the kids with feedback and giving them tips on how to improve with every ball that they hit. He is also very encouraging and makes learning tennis fun for the kids. It’s been fun watching both kids progress so much with their fundamentals in a short period of time!

Jennifer C.

My son, who is 8, has been taking weekly tennis lessons with Coach Scott since the fall. He is taking lessons with three of his friends. Coach Scott is patient, kind, and keeps all the boys in check. My son had never played tennis before, but now looks forward to the lessons every week. He tells me sessions are “fun and exciting”. We are thankful for Coach Scott, and hope to continue lessons with him for a long time.

Alice Y. 

Scott is a fantastic tennis coach! He guides our small group of women in developing and improving our playing skills with patience, humor and personalized instructions. It’s been a pleasure working with him and we all look forward to our sessions every week. 

Maya H.

“Scott is one of the most talented teachers I have ever encountered. As a Stanford Professor, I wish I could teach my students as well as he teaches me. He has tremendously raised my game—to the surprise of my many tennis friends.”

James F., Stanford University

Scott is the most wonderful, attentive, excellent coach I have ever had! I have played tennis my whole life, from highschool team and then recreationally the past 20 years. However, recently I wanted to make an effort to have regular tennis instruction – and that is when we found Scott. 4 of us ladies each week gather to play, practice and grow our tennis skills weekly. Scott comes up with thoughtful and engaging games and drills that take our tennis instruction further! We end each week’s lesson with a game that he supervises. This allows us to truly grow as he gives us live feedback and direction that we can apply each week. 

I look forward to tennis with Scott each week! It makes my head and heart happy! I enjoyed tennis with Scott so much that recently my son who is 9 years old now plays with Scott and his peers. Just like with me, Scott brings forth decades of Tennis professionalism, enthusiasm, and drive to help make both my son and I great on the court.

At almost 40 and the fact that both my 9 year old son and I can play tennis together and continue to have a HUGE love for the game is all due to Scott. Thank you Scott for spreading the love of Tennis in our household and with our friends! We look forward to your lessons each week and a lifetime of playing what we think is the best sport of all time!